Household cures won’t help
There are no cures against the common cold. Deep down you already know that, yet with every new winter season, and with every cold, you hope, right?

We all do. Garlic, whiskey, honey … not one of them will help you get over your cold. “No cure works,” says Doctor of Infectious Disease Björn Olsén. Nearly 100 percent of the time, colds are caused by a virus, and there’s no treatment for a virus. The body will rid itself of the virus eventually on its own, but it will not happen over night.


“There are only three things that will work if you have a cold,” Dr. Olsén continues: "Rest, warmth and kindness. They are good if you have a bad cold, have a temperature, or just feel a little bit under the weather.”

Also taking care to wash your hands frequently is a big step in making sure you don’t get germs. Once you’ve caught a cold there’s nothing to do but to wait it out. Don’t buy expensive medications or drugs, because they won’t do anything.

“Not a chance,” says Dr. Olsén. “Just a waste of money. If you feel better it’s just because of the power of suggestion.” Not even the classic toddy of brandy, honey and hot water will do anything. But perhaps it makes staying at home a bit more … fun!