Forgotten Swedish words
We found an interesting bloggsite called “glömda ord” (forgotten words) with a couple of expressions not used today, or at least not very often. Here are some of them, do you remember? The website challenges you to use one of the words in a natural way every day to preserve them.
Are you up for it?

Sipp: prudish
Bäva: tremble
Ovålig: careless
Stanniolpapper: old-fashioned word for aluminum foil
Bombis: to be “bombis” is to be sure about something
Bäckibölja: crepe fabric
Svingpjatt: a young man in the 1940’s who loved swing music and dressed in a special way.
Länsman: police
Byk: old-fashioned word for dirty laundry
Hyllpapper: shelf paper
Knussla: to be stingy
Snajsig: cool as in “you look cool”
Salongsfähig: to be fit to join higher ranks


For more forgotten words (in Swedish only): Glömda Ord