If you want to be successful with the opposite sex, being a doctor or a nurse is the best way to go. Being a teacher isnít too bad either: 20% of men voted for teacher as the sexiest occupation, while it got 26% of the female votes.

But what a sexy occupation is also depends on your age. Young men like designers, whereas older men prefer nurses. ďMen and women all seem to think that a sexy occupation is one where you take care of other people,Ē says E-kontaktís love coach Karin Boo in a press release. Boo was surprised to find that chefs were so popular with women. That the way to a manís heart is through his stomach seems to apply to women, too.


The top sexiest occupations according to men:
1. Doctor
2. Nurse
3. Teacher
4. Designer
5. Chef.

The top sexiest occupations according to women:
1. Doctor
2. Chef
3. Teacher
4. Firefighter
5. Designer.

The study was conducted during August 10-17 this year and 1026 people were interviewed.