We've earlier reported on a variety of positive effects from coffee drinking and the consumption of coffee in general in Sweden - Here's to coffee! The new Swedish study by scientists from the Karolinska Instituet was recently published in the journal Breast Cancer Research

Drinking coffee could reduce a woman's risk of getting breast cancer, new research has suggested.
 Researchers from Sweden compared lifestyle factors of women and their coffee consumption for the study.
Women who regularly drank coffee had a lower risk of breast cancer than those who did not consume the caffeinated drink, scientists from the Karolinska Instituet, in Stockholm, revealed. "We cannot say which mechanism lies behind the beneficial effect of coffee yet," said Dr Jingmei Li, study leader.
The researchers added that it did not appear to be the phytoestrogens in coffee which caused the effect, as there was no reduction in the number of oestrogen receptor-positive cases of breast cancer.


We reported on similar findings at Umeň University in the summer of 2010 - Coffee-drinking women may dodge breast cancer

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