..not surprisingly, Stockholm and in industrial cities, according to an investigation presented by Sveriges Radios Ekot. By looking at 100 zip codes where young people made most money, it was established that 83% of them were in Stockholm, 4% in Göteborg and the remaining 13% in, among other places, Gällivare, Oskarshamn, and Västerås. The trend is pretty clear – if you want to make money, it’s the capital or industrial towns that count.

The average income for this age group was 10,800 SEK ($1,700) a month, and that hasn’t changed much during the past decade. But those 30 years and older increased their income during the same time from 16,500 SEK ($2,600) to 23,000 SEK ($3,600) per month. Åse Löfström, National Economist at Umeå University is not surprised. She says the employment numbers were high during 2009, and that we are older now when we establish ourselves at the job market than we used to be.


“Twenty years ago that happened when we were 22, now we are 28,” Löfström says. The place where young people make the least amount of money is Hammarkullen in Göteborg. The differences in salaries are also increasing geographically: Compared to ten years ago, there are today greater differences in average salaries between northern and southern Sweden. The average monthly salary in Norrland is 24,000 SEK ($3,800), whereas someone in southern Sweden makes 26,500 SEK ($4,200) monthly. 96 of the 100 wealthiest zip codes in Sweden can be found in Stockholm.