The US is catching up, but Sweden retains its top spot when it comes to being best in the world at investing in and promoting information and communication technology (ICT) workforce skills. This according to a new global study, which analyzed “useful connectivity” in 50 countries, and which was commissioned by Nokia Siemens Networks.

Apart from Sweden, Norway and Denmark along with the Netherlands, continue to lead the innovation-driven economies and ranked among the top five. However, Finland, fell three places to the ninth spot, edged out by UK, Canada and Australia, which performed somewhat better. Conversely, southern and eastern European countries trailed behind the leading economies in all aspects of ICT as tracked by the Scorecard. Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Greece were disappointingly placed among the bottom five in this group.


Connected they may be but, as earlier reported, the amount of connectivity is radically different depending on age group... Internet—unknown territory for the older generation