Sweden's sexiest dialect.
It has been proven: one dialect spoken in Sweden is sexier than any other. It's the Swedish spoken in the area of Göteborg (in Sweden referred to as Göteborgska) is the sexiest in Sweden.

According to a Sifo study commissioned by a dating site, that dialect is the most attractive among people looking for a partner (18% of the people asked preferred it), closely followed by Norrländska, the dialect spoken in the northern part of the country (17%) and Skånska, the dialect spoken in the most southern part (16%).


It’s more difficult for the lovesick in Västergötland, Halland and Örebro to find love. Especially those in Örebro (famous for the so-called “gnällbältet”, the whiling belt in central Sweden), their dialect got zero votes. Here’s the list of the five most attractive Swedish dialects, according to the study:
1. Göteborgska
2. Norrländska
3. Skånska
4. Värmländska
5. Dalmål.