Stockholms Auktionsverk is the world’s oldest auction house (it was founded in 1674) and in the upcoming Tuesday’s auction they are auctioning off some goodies.

One that might be of interest, is a book that has been called the first Swedish novel. The title is “Konung Gustaf Adolphs och fröken Ebba Brahes märkvärdiga kärlekshandel” (The strange love story of King Gustaf Adolph and Ebba Brahe) and it was written by Gottfrid Sackenhielm. This particular edition is from 1768 and its estimated presale value is 800-1000 SEK ($125 - $157).


Maybe you’re on the lookout for something sweeter? How about Ottilia Adelborg’s pretty fairy tale “Prinsarnes blomsteralfabet” (The princes’ flower alphabet) from 1893? Bidding starts at 1000-1200 SEK ($157 - $188).

There’s also King Karl XII’s bible (not his private but cool to own still) from 1703: “Biblia, thet är All then Heliga Skrift på Swensko, efter kong Carl then Tolftes befalning”. Estimated presale value: 5-7 000 SEK ($786 - $1100).

If you register, you can participate in the auctions online: