For the first time ever a connection between candy and potato chips and the climate change has been analyzed.

A study from Institutet för Livsmedel och Bioteknik (the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology) shows that the production of one kilo of potato chips (2.20 lbs) leads to emissions of 4.8 lbs of greenhouse gases, which is 20 times more than a kilo of potatoes. And milk chocolate has three times as big an impact on our climate as does dark chocolate. But the worst of them all is soft marshmallow-like candy. One bag of such fluffy candy impacts our climate as much as a portion of pork chop.


“It surprised us as meat is normally the kind of food that has the greatest impact on the climate,” says Anna-Karin Johannsson at Livsmedelsverket (the National Food Administration). It is mainly the primary produce that contributes to greenhouse gases. To make one kilo of marshmallows you need 3.6 kilos of ingredients.
“That makes the impact on the climate much greater of course.”

Swedes consume more and more candy, the consumption of sweets has doubled since the 1960’s and Swedes also drink more soft drinks than before. “That’s our message,” continues Anna-Karin Johansson. “We don’t need sweets for our nutrition.”

For more info, see Livsmedelsverket or Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology

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