Although Americans might find the two words together sound vaguely like a popular brand of hot dogs, the Swedish given names of Oscar and Maja were most popular 2010.

For the third time in five years, Maja was the most popular given name for baby girls named in 2010. 895 little females - or 1.6% of the newborn girls - received this name. For the other gender in this this same category, the boy's name, Oscar, rose from third to first place. Oscar has been among the top ten names given to baby boys for the last decade.


Maja was the most popular girl's name last year with 895 girls being called that forename. It represents 1.6 percent of all the named girls during the year. Second and third place were taken by Alice, a former number one, and Julia, who took a big step up from its previous seventh place. Ella and Emma, who in 2009 had third and fourth positions, have dropped to sixth and eighth place. The only new female baby name on the top 10 list is Olivia, which took the tenth spot after rising from 17th place in the previous year.

At 1.9%, Oscar takes first place among the boys (1108 newborns got that name). In second place, William followed closely before Lucas. Three new names for boys made it into the top ten: Theo, Liam and Leo.

Popularity of names for Swedish children differs regionally. Alice and Oscar are the most popular in the countryside right now. Maja is most popular in seven provinces and Oscar holds the lead in six. However, in another six provinces, Lucas is the most popular male forename. In Greater Stockholm, Julia and Alexander are the most popular names, while Oscar along with Alice rank on top in the greater the Gothenburg region. In Malmö and its surrounding region, parents agreed with the nation as a whole, and Oscar along with Maja lead the top ten list.

Today's parents choose among more and more names and different spellings of the name. Last year, 56,513 girls were given 6,245 different names, and 59,783 boys received 5,714 different names. For boys, Frank, Elvin and Milo are fastest rising on the top 100, while girls names of Tove, Minna and Novalie are the hottest newborn maiden names.