They are the biggest and most beautiful! What can be said of the Swedish web? That it’s thriving! Here they are – the top ten of the best Swedish web sites 2010 according to

“The Swedish web is of a high standard,” Internet World writes. “We have very well developed e-commerce and innovative and internationally successful web services. We’re also ahead internationally when it comes to the usage of the social web.


The following sites are the crème de la crème of Swedish web.
1. (a shopping site)
2. (best media site)
3. (leisure travel)
4. (best TV site)
5. (next TV site)
6. (best Internet food shop)
7. (leisure travel)
8. (best game site)
9. (best newspaper site)
10. (best catalog site)

For more info and the full list of 100 sites, see (in Swedish only)