Perhaps there are no roars, growls, electric zaps, crushing stomps or even fiery belching. Much more peaceful than its science fiction cousin, and yet unique, Sweden's dinosaur has traveled from the Museum of Evolution in Uppsala to thrill visitors to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum in Fukui, Japan.

A replica cast from the original dinosaur Euhelopus, which remains in the museum, the unique object will be part of the Japanese museum's exhibition called "The Rise of Asian Dinosaurs". Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is one of Asia's largest dinosaur museums. Last winter, they sent four Japanese engineers to Uppsala to make a full cast of dinosaur Euhelopus.


"Euhelopus came to Uppsala in 1929, and now, 81 years later, it is being shown for the first time in Japan," said Jan Ove Ebbestad, museum curator at the Museum of Evolution, who was present when the exhibition opened at the beginning of July along with delegations from the four major Chinese museums.
"The Chinese delegates were impressed and made requests to get their own copies," reported Ebbestad.
The Euhelopus dinosaur is also known as "Chinese long-necked dinosaur." The fossil in Uppsala is the only known skeleton of the species, which is unique because it is almost complete. Later at the Fukui museum, the copy of Euhelopus will be included in a permanent exhibition along with other dinosaur fossils.