Statistics gathered from Sweden's youth show that six out of ten twelfth grade graduates plan on attending a college or university within three years.

Lund University and the University of Gothenburg are the two most popular higher education institutions in Sweden among Swedish students who are completing their last year of upper secondary school. For a dozen years in succession, these two have topped the list, according to new statistics from Statistics Sweden.


Lund University is the academic goal for 12% of the students who are about to graduate from 12th grade (high school), and 8% say they want to attend the University of Gothenburg.

Next popular on the list of higher education institutions are Uppsala University, Stockholm University and Chalmers University of Technology (in Gothenburg). More women intend to pursue college degrees. In gender comparisons, 65% of the high school girls said they would continue, but only 51% of the boys wanted to attend college classes.

Most students consider traveling abroad to complete their education. Six out of ten students who finished high school hope to continue their education at colleges and universities outside Sweden. This represents an increase of more than 20% from students interviewed 15 years ago in the middle of the nineties.