According to March statistics from Internet retail food sales firms, Swedish cyber grocery shopping is jumping by 10 percent per annum, and researchers see the trend spiraling upward as delivery routines, prices and quality improve.
Companies that sell food on the Internet already existed ten years ago. But Swedish consumers were skeptical and and felt services were overpriced, so early Web sites vanished after a few years.
"To buy food on the Internet is a very hot trend right now. The Swedes are mature in a completely different way. Also, some of the companies involved are investing in aggressive advertising campaigns," says Pernilla Jonsson, Ph.D., consumer science.
New companies include Stockholm's, which Internet World declared today's best, and they will expand outside the capitol. "Our biggest problem is keeping up with the demand. We are almost fully booked, and we expect turnover a tenfold increase this year," says company president Tomas Kull.