Through Sweden by electric car
Sweden is long - close to 1,000 miles from top to bottom. Is it possible to go on a holiday trip through the entire country in an electric car? As the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is being expanded all over the nation, it is becoming easier for electric vehicles to drive longer distances. A recent collaboration between Swedish power supplier E.On and the OKQ8 service stations allows driving without stress. There are already 5,874 public charging stations in Sweden, and the number is growing all the time. You may no longer have to frantically look for a place to charge the car. (Today’s electric cars have a median range of around 115 miles, and with more cars being released within a couple years, you will probably reach 200 to 300 miles before you need to recharge.)

Slight increase on home prices
Prices for single-family homes rose two percent over the period August - October compared with the previous three-month period. Compared to the corresponding three-month period last year, house prices rose by one percent, statistics from Statistics Sweden show.

IKEA express delivery
Ikea is testing to deliver e-commerce goods to smart cabinets from the start up Instabox that provide express deliveries to package cabinets. The cabinets are located in central locations in Stockholm and surrounding areas, Skåne, Västergötland and Gothenburg. According to Instabox, half of Sweden's population will soon be able to receive express delivery every day of the week. Instabox cabinets are placed at merchants with generous open hours, such as Pressbyrån convenience stores and 7-Elevens, to which the goods are delivered. The customer can then open the box where the product is located using a personal code. By delivering to a box instead of people’s homes, the shippers save time while the pick-up time becomes more flexible for the end customer. It’s IKEA policy to allow the customer to shop where, how and when they want, and the furniture retailer is now evaluating whether Instabox makes e-commerce more flexible. The delivery option is available to customers in Greater Stockholm from November and if the test goes well, cooperation can be rolled out for customers around Sweden.