New ambassador to Sweden
The White House has announced President Trump's intent to nominate venture capitalist Kenneth A. Howery of Texas to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Kingdom of Sweden. If confirmed, Howery, one of the founding partners of PayPal, will be an interesting choice for Sweden.

Working in Sweden
How does it work when you want to find a job or start a business in Sweden? What rules and regulations apply when it comes to work permits, wages and employment? These are some of the questions the new website will answer. It targets people living abroad or having recently arrived in Sweden to work or study—definitely a must for the alleged new U.S. ambassador to Sweden.

2018 Genius Company
Time Magazine recognizes Volvo as one of its 2018 Genius Companies specifically mentioning the 'Care by Volvo,' which replaces traditional ownership of a car with a subscription-based ownership that includes insurance, maintenance, etc., making the system more like your typical plan for cell phone service than car ownership.

Unselfish people have more children
American and European data clearly show this result. 'The most unselfish people have the most children and the moderately unselfish receive the highest salaries. And we also find this result over time: The people who are most generous at one point in time have the largest salary increases when researchers revisit them later in time,' according to Kimmo Eriksson, researcher at the Centre for Cultural Evolution at Stockholm University and one of the authors of “Generosity pays: Selfish people have fewer children and earn less money.”

AR fashion
H&M created an artificial reality experience for the unveiling of its collaboration with Moschino. The immersive experience, created by the Swedish fashion retailer in cooperation with Magic Leap and Swedish software company Warpin Media, was unveiled at a fashion show in New York on October 24. The purpose is to let visitors experience fashion as never before; models are combined with different AR elements that both present other products and entertain. The Moschino designs are released online and in select stores on Nov. 8. Get a taste of the Moschino x H&M Collection Augmented Reality Experience: