"The show at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis will be the biggest of my company and my life so far. My friend Wanja Djanaieff has created an incredibly creative exhibition. There are six different rooms: about my watercolor painting that form the basis for most of my designs, about our green values, about the production and sales, about the history, the inspiration from folklore and a room about our photography of new collections," says Gudrun Sjdn, owner and CEO.

More on Gudrun Sjdn, her designs and business and the exhibition:A Colorful Universe


"On opening night, July 26, 350 specially invited people will be celebrating with a great magnificent fashion show and two choirs entertaining. It will be magnificent as it should in America. Since 2013, when we opened the store in New York, the U.S. is a focus market for us. This year it will be almost as big as the Swedish home market. It's mostly via E-commerce and word of mouth we find new customers who enjoy our unique colorful style. The exhibition about my universe will open new doors to the future for sure ..." Sjdn states.

More info from Gudrun Sjdn: A colorful universe at ASI, Minneapolis

When: July 27 - October 28
Where: American Swedish Institute
2600 Park Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55407