More than 30 pieces are on display throughout New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport SAS Lounge until October 31, 2018. The collection, which premiered May 7, has been carefully selected to pay homage to both SAS and Absolut's home of Scandinavia, but also includes globally sourced pieces. The online art gallery AbsolutArt represents 120 artists on its platform of which 26 will be displayed in the lounge.

“We will host several interactive events, such as drink and draws, which are designed to enrich the cultural experience of travelers and encourage pioneering artists,” says Nahema Mehta, CEO and co-founder of Absolut Art. “As far as curating the art walls, we had to think a bit deeper as we are communicating with a larger, transient and diverse audience, which goes beyond design. Reinventing the airport experience is, however, something our team has always been passionate about and it’s been exciting to do it with a progressive partner in SAS.”


The Absolut Art team travels the world to find bold, pioneering voices from a variety of art scenes: “We pay a personal visit to each artist's studio where the artist creates exclusive, limited edition artworks for the platform. We don’t have a set number of new artists we work with each month but instead focus on sourcing the most incredible artwork for the site,” Mehta says. Don’t set your mind on experiencing Carl Larsson, but the selection is an intriguing mix of works by a diverse group of artists representing a variety of media.

Lounge access is granted to passengers in SAS Premium Economy Cabin, SAS Plus and above, and Star Alliance and Eurobonus members who have Gold status and above.
“Partnering with our friends at Absolut Art allows our guests to further immerse themselves in Scandinavian culture and design even before take-off,” Max Knagge, SAS General Manager Americas said in a release from the company. Let us know what you think. To preview the art prior to your visit, see