During their tricentennial year, New Orleans continues to recognize Swedish influences in music and art. The very first Swede arrived shortly after the city’s founding; not acknowledged for artistry, Frederick D’Arensbourg of Stockholm had served as an officer in the Swedish army when he became a commandant in Des Allemande, Louisiana after meeting with founding father Jean-Baptiste, Sieur de Bienville in 1721.

The exhibition of 19th century artist Bror Anders Wikstrom’s Mardi Gras designs at NOMA runs through March and is joined in art and music by contemporary Swedish artist Jockum Nordström on Mar. 22. Nordström and Swedish musician Joakim Åhlund have been playing and recording together since early 2007. They describe their music as neither jazz nor blues, but something in between, bringing rock, blues, jazz and visual art together in their recordings.


Jockum Nordström’s first U.S. solo art exhibition opens at the Contemporary Arts Center (www.cacno.org) on Mar. 22. The aftershow with Swedish musicians at HiHo Lounge at 9 p.m will feature Nordström, guitar; Åhlund, bass; Cissi Efraimsson, tambourine and drums; Per-Erik Adamsson, flute; Moussa Fadera, drums and Ulf Engström, synth. The group will also perform in Washington, DC at the House of Sweden on Mar. 27.