Reverence for the natural world is the oldest theme in art. Many of the earliest known artworks depicted the relationship of humans and animals. Such reverence has resounded throughout the history of art and all its myriad developments, but only relatively recently have artists felt moved to put their talents to work in ways that might benefit the planet.

Such motivation is behind “Nature whispers ‘Meet me here!’ — an invitation to connect, participate and cherish,” an exhibit of paintings by Marin County artist Charlotte Bernström, which runs now through January 28, 2018. A portion of the proceeds of sales of her paintings go to Cool Effect, a non-profit environmental organization that promotes simple technologies to combat climate change caused by carbon emissions.


A native of Sweden, Bernström began her art career working with her grandfather, a plein air painter who helped instill in her a lifelong love of nature. Bernström's previous SF exhibition: 'The Internal Landscape'

As the mother of a preschooler, she has become increasingly alarmed about the world her son Cameron will inherit. This concern has had a profound effect on her paintings, whose often lushly colored, deeply textured, soft-focus impressions convey an abiding love for the natural world and deep concern about its future.

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