Tune in to Peter Nordberg's American tour
Nordberg, a native of Stockholm, has been singing and playing his guitar since the age of 6. He has cut six albums of his own songs in several languages, his latest being “Hellre i det blå” (Rather in the blue) which he is performing this week in Chicago.
“This is just to get started. I came on my own to promote my music,” Nordberg said when Nordstjernan met him at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago. He is starting with the Swedish-American community, then he plans to come back to the states at this time next year — and share his music with more American listeners.
Nordberg's latest album is his first recorded in Swedish. He describes his music as folk rock: “It’s not very traditional, it’s very international.” The singer-songwriter's music has been particularly successful in Norway, where a collaboration with Vidar Johnsen resulted in several gold and platinum albums, a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy and many radio hits.
Nordberg plays live in Chicago on Friday, Sept. 12 at the Swedish American Museum’s new exhibit, Bluescapes of Sweden, at 7 p.m. 5211 N. Clark St.
You can get a taste of his sound on a webcast at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9 at http://www.media2studios.com/webcast-schedule/. More at http://www.peternordberg.com and http://www.swedishamericanmuseum.org