The Swedish gaming industry is booming like never before. A new study of Gamer Developer Conference (GDC) shows that Sweden is Europe's gaming center, writesComputer Sweden.
More than 400 game developers have been asked to rank the different countries — and the best games come from Sweden. The successful Minecraft is but one example.
One of the reasons it's going so well for the Swedish game industry is the breadth of the games, says Ola Holmdahl, CEO of game developer Tarsier Studios in Malmö. “But we are used to looking outward, and thinking bigger markets than our own,” he says.
He also believes that Sweden is extra good at making games where several may join in and play simultaneously. But other things are also in effect.
“Sweden is a welfare country, a majority of the population has home computers and of course the right infrastructure with early, fast connections and Internet access. All this has naturally played a role,” Holmdahl says.