Don’t expect any politicians in this year’s edition of the popular radio program ”Sommar.” During the program’s 55 year history, politicians have commonly been banned during election years, and this year is no different. But ”Sommar” commences on Midsummer Day with an artist who is known for his political engagement: Jason ”Timbuktu” Diakité will discuss his experiences of racism and why he needed to show up in parliament with his Swedish passport. Other speakers who will share their stories and music are: incoming Archbishop Antje Jackelén, Nordea’s CEO Björn Wahlroos and Henrik Stenson, second in the world in golf. Other sports profiles include World Championship referee Jonas Eriksson, hockey legend Börje Salming and medalist at the last Paralympics, Helene Ripa. There will also be many artists and cultural profiles, such as Sanna Nielsen, Andreas Dregen, Steve Angello from Swedish House Mafia, Christian Falk and Edda Magnason (who played Monica Zetterlund on the big screen last year). Dr. Alban is also on the list — he made something of a comeback earlier this year, when he participated in this year’s Swedish Eurovision Song Contest.
”I will talk about what it was like when I came from Nigeria to Sweden, became a dentist, and an artist. There are a couple of things people don’t know. I will reveal the details,” he told media. Also expect authors such as Athena Farrokhzad, Johan Theorin, Kjell Westö and Po Tidholm.
”I will talk about mysteries I’ve come across and not able to solve," says Theorin. "About something strange that my grandmother saw on a beach on Öland and that she told about before she died. She was either crazy or she really saw something strange.” Theorin has written several crime novels set on Öland.
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