In New York; art, cinema, cars and opera
Art: The monumental Zorn exhibition is open until May 18 at the National Academy Museum, Our earlier review and preview: The Master Painter

Cinema: Tribeca Film Festival, April 16-27. Two Swedish films are showing, Broken Hill Blues, directed and written by Sofia Norlin and Something must break directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark


Cars: The New York Auto Show, April 18-27, opens to the public on Friday, April 18. Swedish car maker Volvo, with a lot more muscle after the infusion of Chinese funding has a stronger Scandinavian-Swedish vision and appearance than ever.

Opera: Only one more more performance left to enjoy Swedish soprano Malin Byström at the Met, Arabella at the Met, on April 24 I'll admit I'm no Strauss fan but Byström owns the stage through presence, acting and voice. Don't miss it. You find our interview with Byström prior to the premiere, here: A Swedish Star at the Met

Food: Restaurant Aquavit offers a Mother's Day Menu for Sunday, May 11: The lunch features a smorgasbord plate and a selection of entrees and desserts and a complimentary drink. If you're downtown, Danish restaurant The Copenhagen is practically next door and offers many of the specialties you may crave for this time of the year, In case you're bravely preparing something at home, check our salmon recipes or search for instance "Pickled herring" "Gravad lax" or "Janssons Temptation" at the website. Lack of time? We have found that Schaller & Weber on 2nd Ave below 86th Street carries many of the items for a small smorgasbord, from crisp bread and canned herring to prinskorv ( In case you're closer to Brooklyn, IKEA is another safe choice to collect the items you may need.