Since 2010, SVT World has broadcast high quality Swedish television programs in the U.S. The television channel, the only international service dedicated to Swedish and Scandinavian viewers living abroad, offers North American viewers the ability to watch SVT’s prime time shows simultaneously with viewers in Sweden, or on demand up to 48 hours after broadcast. 

SVT World provides a wide selection of Swedish and Scandinavian programs, from the critically acclaimed crime drama “The Bridge” to the hauntingly beautiful science fiction series “Real Humans.” Also among the international service's offerings are widely praised documentaries such as Academy Award winner “Searching for Sugarman" and editions of one of Europe’s most in depth talk shows, “Skavlan,” which affords viewers access to extensive interviews with the world’s most important politicians, musicians, thinkers and stars. Past interviewees have included Kofi Annan, Bill Clinton, Malala Yousafzai, Bill Gates, Alicia Keys, Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Jones, Rihanna, Nicole Kidman and Jared Leto.


In 2013, viewers enjoyed the highly popular reality show, “All for Sweden," in which ten Swedish-Americans travel to Sweden in search of their Swedish roots. The participants compete in cultural challenges — eating “Surströmming” (fermented herring), swimming in ice cold water and drinking too much of the traditional flavored spirit Aquavit — as they attempt to discover their heritage. The challenge winner is aided in the quest to reconnect with Swedish relatives — provided he or she overcomes the culture shock! The production team is now looking for participants for the next series.…

Music shows “Så ska det Låta” and “Doobidoo,” celebrity game shows “På Spåret” and “Mästarnas Mästare,” antiques roadshow “Antikrundan,” crime show “Veckans Brott” and lifestyle shows “Trädgårdsonsdag” and “Niklas Mat” are recurring SVT favorites, while SVT coverage of unique cultural events, such as Princess Madeleine’s wedding, help to bring Swedes together throughout the world.
Sofia Englund

SVT World is currently offering a special, limited time opportunity for viewers in North America. New customers are offered the required Set-top-box (value $154) free of charge when ordering a 12-month subscription.
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