The 15th Anniversary Scandinavian Film Festival L.A. (SFFLA) “Surfs the Celluloid Sea” with cinema from across North Atlantic and Baltic Waters on January 18, 19, 25, 26 at the Writers Guild Theater, 135 S. Doheny in Beverly Hills. The annual immersion into Nordic films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden adds "Hanseatic happenings" to the mix with a Norwegian/German co-production and “Baltic Film Expo@ SFFLA” offering a film from each of the Baltic neighbors—Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
"Northern European countries have often taken to the seas with a cargo of culture, commerce and collaboration,” says festival founder/director James Koenig. “And we have an exciting program that follows old routes to new worlds and around the North Atlantic/Baltic neighborhood. We are pleased to be ‘nosey neighbors’ and see what’s going on next door!”
The opening night gala on Jan. 18 preceded the U.S. premiere of Danish director Ask Hasselbalch’s ANTBOY. The upbeat kid-flick for all ages illustrates the inspiration of the superhero genre and proves that Nordic film isn’t all somber.

Second weekend, Day 1
On Jan. 25, Week II commences with THE HOUR OF THE LYNX from Danish director Søren Kragh- Jacobsen. MUSHROOMING, a comedic political drama follows from Estonian director Toomas Hussar. Latvia’s Oscar choice MOTHER I LOVE YOU, a striking coming of age drama from director Janis Nords, continues the day. The Finnish Oscar entry THE DISCIPLE follows from director Ulrika Bengts.
Then it’s on to a special Swedish award and CALL GIRL. The SWEA (Swedish Women’s Educational Association) Film Grant will be presented to model maker Anders Hellstrom preceding CALL GIRL from director Mikael Marcimain chronicling the story of a young girl recruited into a ruthless world of prostitution. The night ends “up against an unknown deadly force” in the horror genre with the chilling FROST from Icelandic director Reynir Lyndal.


Day 2
On Jan. 26, RELIANCE from Swedish director WIlliam Olsson opens the day. Then it’s Lithuanian Oscar entry Giedre Beinoriute’s CONVERSATIONS ON SERIOUS TOPICS. Next Danish director Annette K. Olesen takes aim with her political thriller THE SHOOTER. Next the German/Norwegian co-production which is Germany’s Oscar submission ZWEI LEBEN (Two Lives) from director Georg Maas, which co-stars iconic Norwegian actor/director Liv Ullmann.
Finally the “sweet, charming, funny” closing film of the festival is Lukas Moodysson’s WE ARE THE BEST, earlier reviewed by Nordstjernan: Swedish director Lukas Moodysson's new film 'We Are the Best!' hits all.... The film was one of the highlights at the Toronto Film Festival.
Parent organization of SFFLA is The American Scandinavian Foundation of Los Angeles. The festival receives support from the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, ELMA (European Languages and Movies in America), SWEA (Swedish Women's Educational Association), as well as assistance from Nordic Consulates and Embassies, Baltic Consulates and Embassies, and national film institutes, as well as individual and corporate donors. Complete schedule and ticket ordering information available at

For more info, see or call 323-661-4273