They are one of this year's biggest names when it comes to music – the sisters of the rock band Haim from Los Angeles. Now the Haim girls speak out about Swedish music composer Ludwig Göransson, with whom they worked on their debut album ”Days are gone”.

”I don’t know what’s in your water, but you Swedes have pop music in your blood,” says Alana Haim.
”We met Ludwig and he was the first person who took the time to listen to what it is we want to do. We made the ’Forever’ single with him, and that’s when it all started. Before that nobody cared about who we were or wanted to book us. But when we released the single last year, then suddenly we could go everywhere. Without him and without Sweden we wouldn’t be a band.”


The three Los Angeles sisters do indie rock justice when they play as if there was no tomorrow. But are they really all that crazy?
”We are not. It’s not like I walk around the park, throwing my hair around and growling at people, but when we’re on stage we develop our animal feelings. Headbanging and throwing the guitar around is very liberating. (---) We’ve always wanted to rock hard.”
Haim will visit Stockholm next year, on February 15. Ludwig Göransson, also known as Ludovin, is best known for his work on the US TV sitcoms ”Community”, ”Happy Endings”, and ”New Girl” as well as composing the music for ”30 Minutes or Less”.

For more information and a sample of the sister's music: (As an early fan of Fleetwod Mac: Thumbs up!)