15-year old Swedish singer Zara Larsson takes her success from Sweden to the USA. Record companies here are lining up to produce her music.

“All of them are interested in Zara. It’s incredible,” says Ola Håkansson, managing director at Record company Ten, which is Larsson’s record company. During spring, few have managed to escape Zara Larsson’s hit “Uncover”. In less than a month, the single has sold platinum (20 000 copies), and toped Sweden’s top list, Sverigetopplistan. Larsson has also, according to her record company, had over 50 million views on YouTube. Now she is in Los Angeles, meeting with representatives from record companies who want to buy the American copyright to her material. “We’ve always had our aims at the US. I was there two weeks ago, meeting with different companies. Now she is there with people from Ten and when she gets back to Sweden we will sit down and discuss what’s the best alternative,” says Håkansson, who in the past has also launched artists like A-Teens and Cardigans internationally. He believes Larsson can go far. “It’s amazing to work with a girl with such potential as Zara. She has already climbed all lists and she’s only 15. It’s unique.” Zara Larsson was ten years old when she won TV4’s “Talang”, a talent show. In January of this year, her first record “Introducing” was released.


Listen to "Uncover" here: Zara Larsson - Uncover