Strindberg's 'Easter' in New York
Enjoy a modern adaption of Strindberg's play during March in New York City. Audiences in Chicago may enjoy the author's 'Creditors' later in April.

August Strindberg Repertory Theatre 
in association with Theater Resources Unlimited have set up Swedish author August Strindberg’s ‘”Easter” – running between March 8 and 31 at Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street.
Adapted by Robert Greer and directed by Greer with Elizabeth Flax Strindberg’s 1901 play is transplanted to Harlem in 1958 - an interesting way to bring one of Strindberg's more mature plays into a contemporary setting. Although dealing with Easter reflections of suffering, forgiveness and redemption this is not your typical Easter play. As for this adaptation, the author may have liked to see his play adapted in this particular fashion - we are eager to see it: the more modern setting and an all-black cast will likely make Strindberg's supposedly intentional balance between drama and almost comedy, through the sometimes over-dramatized dialogue, even more striking.


Our review of the ensemble’s earlier Strindberg play 'Playing with Fire' Or, “hook up” with the author on twitter: Strindberg on Twitter

Run time: 1hr 40 mins, no intermission. More info, or (212) 777-1767. Buy tickets: Strindberg’s ‘Easter’ at Gene Frankel Theatre

Also, Remy Bumppo think theatre in Chicago is setting up Strindberg's drama "Creditors" in April (opening April 10) Creditors by August Strindberg at Greenhouse Theater Center