Ingmar Bergman’s 1982 film Fanny and Alexander won four Oscars. Now the Royal Dramatic Theatre’s successful stage adaptation will have its American premiere at Nordic Cool in Washington, D.C., opening March 7 and running for three straight evenings.

The production premiered at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in February 2012, with more than 100 performances to date. The cast features several of Sweden’s most highly acclaimed actors, including Jan Malmsjö, now 80 years old and the only carry-over from the film, where he played Bishop Vergérus. On stage he doubles as Director Landahl and a police officer.


The director Stefan Larsson, who has also put on stage versions of Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage and Autumn Sonata, originally trained as an actor and in the 1980s performed in several of Bergman’s theatre productions.

Among those accompanying the nineteen-member ensemble is Marie-Louise Ekman, Head of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, who will be its representative during the festival.

Nordic Cool takes place 19 February - 17 March at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Participating works were selected by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic embassies in Washington, D.C. and art and cultural institutions in the Nordic countries as well as Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Islands.

More information and to book tickets: Royal Dramatic Theatre, Sweden: Fanny and Alexander More information on the festival:|[Nordic Cool at the Kennedy Center]

Helena Ekdahl Marie Göranzon
Oscar Ekdahl Thomas Hanzon
Emilie Ekdahl Livia Millhagen
Poliskommissarie, Regissör Landahl Jan Malmsjö
Biskop Edvard Vergérus Reine Brynolfsson
Carl Ekdahl Christopher Wagelin
Gustav Adolf Ekdahl Reuben Sallmander
Lydia Ekdahl Kristina Törnqvist
Alma Ekdahl Lena Nilsson
Isak Jacobi Hans Klinga
Aron Retzinsky Pontus Gustafsson
Maj, Justina, Ismael Retzinsky, Sufflösen Ellen Jelinek
Henrietta Vergérus Kicki Bramberg
Fröken Vega, Fru Blenda Vergérus Mia Benson
Herr Mikael Bergman David Mjönäs
Fröken Hanna Schwartz Josephine Alhanko
Elsa Bergius Kerstin Eriksdotter
Alexander Hannes Alin, Axel Karlsson
Fanny Kajsa Halldén, Hanna Westerberg

Director: Stefan Larsson
Scenografi Rufus Didwiszus
Costume: Nina Sandström
Light: Torben Lendorph
Hair and makeup: Sofia Ranow Boix-Vives, Lena Bouic-Wrange, Kjell Gustavsson

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