In spite of the rainy weather, the Hionas Gallery on New York City’s lower east side drew quite a crowd at the opening of Siri Berg’s “Phases”, last Friday. “Phases” is a reflection of the Swedish artist’s earlier work.

Berg, who was born in Stockholm in 1921, has had her abstract work exhibited both in the US as well as internationally for 30 years. Now at 92, the petite Berg is a spry lady with eyes as alert as those of a squirrel. The Hionas Gallery showcased her art also last year in an exhibition titled “Black & White 1976-1982: Redux 2012”. However, “Phases” looks back further at Berg’s colorful works.


“This work was done 35 years ago,” Berg said at the opening. “I began in color and then, concentrating more on shapes, went into black and white.”
And indeed the black and white works are more focused on depth and dimension, whereas the color works are fascinating not only because of their patterns, but mainly because of the way Berg uses color. The orange and teal-colored paintings are especially striking, juxtaposing the soft, soothing, cool teal with the hot, vibrant orange.

“I wanted the colors to be very aggressive,” Berg explained.
Aggressive, perhaps, modern for sure – but most importantly; very pleasing to the eye.

“Phases” runs until February 17.
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