December 26 In Swedish History
1965: The film “Att angöra en brygga” (“Docking the Boat”) directed by Tage Danielsson, written by Hasseåtage (The duo of the director and Hasse Alfredsson a.k. Svenska Ord) premieres. It stars Gösta Ekman, Monica Zetterlund, Hans Alfredson, Lars Ekborg and Birgitta Andersson, and has through the years acquired a sort of cult following in Sweden.


Monica Zetterlund also performed the theme song of the movie. A group of friends are to celebrate the summer on a small island in the Stockholm Archipelago. The plan is to eat crayfish and drink snaps, a quintessentially Swedish tradition. Some are already in the house on the island (with the food) and the rest of the group arrives by boat (bringing the snaps), but they experience great difficulties while trying to come ashore.
Their only neighbor on the island, an eccentric, Hollywood-obsessed, hot-tempered hermit doesn't make the situation better.

Check out the introductory scene of the movie here: Att angöra en brygga intro So much Stockholm in the 1960s.. do you have to be born Swedish to enjoy this rather uncomplicated movie?

Monica Zettrlund performing the theme song" Monica Zetterlund - "Att angöra en brygga"