Alicia—the latest export
A wave of Swedish talent is crashing into Hollywood. The latest one: Alicia Vikander (who got her Swedish breakthrough in the film “Till det som är vackert” (original title) “Beloved” in English). We earlier covered the Swedish actress here: Alicia Vikander – Shooting Star (Note: The movie was at the time given the English title "Pure." Since changed to "Beloved" but not to be confused with Toni Morrison's eighties novel and the subsequent screen version of the title.
Alicia might get her international breakthrough in the remake of “Anna Karenina," in which she plays the part of Kitty (with Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina).

“I have no home,” Alicia says on being asked where she lives now. “I haven’t had an apartment in over a year and a half. I keep my stuff in storage in Stockholm.” The 23-year-old Swedish beauty is reportedly dating another Hollywood Swede: Alexander Skarsgård of “True Blood” fame. Star magazine writes “They are definitely the real deal.” Skarsgård previously dated actress Kate Bosworth.