Yes, you can expect to see Swedish Noomi Rapace in the sequel of “Prometheus”, the film that apart from Rapace also starred Michael Fassbender.
According to Hollywood Reporter, the sequel to the 2012 sci-fi hit is in the works. Ridley Scott, who directed the classic film “Alien” apart from “Prometheus”, remains interested in the second movie as well, and Fassbender has also signed on for the sequel.
“Prometheus” told the story of two young archeologists who discover clues in cave pictograms from ancient civilizations across the world. They all point to the same location in distant space. Weyland Industries funds the mission for them to meet the beings they believe created life on Earth. While the movie is a prequel to “Alien,” it does not tie in until the very end. “Prometheus” made $303 million worldwide, making it a success after its $130 million budget.
Expect to see Swedish actress and now Hollywood star Noomi Rapace in the sequel to the 2012 sci-fi hit “Prometheus”. Both she and co-star Michael Fassbender have signed on to the project.
Prometheus, the official trailer

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