At least one of Yoko Ono's only five autographs included in the morning paper was nearly recycled: “It was a close call, Yoko Ono’s autograph nearly made it into the paper recycling bin,” says Markus Eriksson. He refers to a newspaper he read with a post-it note stuck to the first page. During the opening of Yoko Ono’s exhibition “Grapefruit”, which opened at Moderna Museet in Stockholm on June 6, the artist signed five samples of the ad publicizing the event in daily Dagens Nyheter. “Good morning! Yoko Ono 2012” the ad was signed, and the post-it note on top of the newspaper said: “Congratulations!” and referred to page three in the paper (where Ono’s autograph could be found as a surprise).
“When a colleague of mine saw the post-it note he immediately reacted,” says Eriksson. “Gluing post-it notes on every newspaper must cost a fortune. ‘This ad must have been really expensive for Dagens Nyheter,’ he told me.” Eriksson didn’t think any more of it, until he read in an article in the paper that Yoko Ono had signed five ads in five different papers.
“So I checked with my dad who’s been a subscriber of Dagens Nyheter for close to 30 years, and he had not had a post-it note in his paper. Nor did he have a signed autograph on page three. That’s when I realized I was one of the lucky few who had received it. But I was close to throwing the paper in the recycling bin.” Instead Eriksson will now have the page with the autograph framed and will also go to see Ono’s “Grapefruit” exhibition. Nobody knows who the other four recipients of the post-it note and the autographs are. For more information about Yoko Ono’s exhibition: 'Grapefruit' at Moderna Museet