Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt, recently cast as the main character in "Hamilton, I Nationens Intresse" (Hamilton, In the Nation's Interest) is going to be a partner in owning Maximteatern at Karlaplan in Stockholm. It is producer Agneta Villman, who manages the theater, who invited the actor and movie star. Persbrandt took a year to think about the offer, and has now accepted it.

“The more I do in the fairly fleeting part of my job, the more I feel a longing for the origin of it. And the origin of it has for me always been the stage,” Persbrandt told daily Dagens Nyheter.
Villman owned and managed Vasateatern in Stockholm together with actor Krister Henriksson until the building was bought and turned into a hotel. Last year she took over Maximteatern. When Persbrandt will actually be seen on the stage at Maxim remains to be seen. At first he will remain as a person in the background, since he’s currently busy filming. But look for the spring season of 2013, when Villman-Persbrandt’s first productions will be put to the test. Newly written Swedish plays are on the agenda.


More info on "The Maxim Theater," see Maximteatern, Stockholm (The building on Karlaplan in central Stockholm was originally used as a sound studio and reportedly, in 1963, housed the first foreign gig for a British rock band, the Beatles. The building was rebuilt as a theater in 1967.)

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