Swedish trio behind the controversial New York Jesus series.
Scenically located in modern New York City, a new animated Comedy Central series, "JC," adopts the premise that God the Father is busy playing video games, and therefore, His Son, Jesus, must try to get along on his own in the bustling American metropolis.

The pilot for the series has already set the US Christian right wing into rage, and its carriers, Fox TV among others, said that overboiling responses from the US Christian fundamentalists were already incoming.


The trio of creators - Henrik Bastin, Andreas Öhman and Jonathan Sjöberg - are seasoned veterans of television series in Sweden, where religious comedy and satire seldom evoke Christian reactions, but this is their first mutual venture into the often-choppy waters of American satire. Their "JC" series comes on the recent wake of Comedy Central's cancellation of another religious theme that depicted a cartoon of Muhammad in an episode of South Park.

Some association to this recent satire that provoked Muslim anger may have been linked to the attempted terrorist car bomb placed in Times Square. The owner of Comedy Central, Viacom, has its headquarters not far from where the failed explosive charges had been placed.

Bastin said he expected that the Christian right in the USA would react. Undaunted, both MTV and Comedy Central expressed interest in the work of the trio of Swedish television creators, who are working with an American screenwriter on the pilot to be aired soon. On YouTube, a video debate has already appeared.

Source: www.dagensmedia.se
web debate: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZBXpK4QaII